Saturday, June 25, 2011


I feel I need to share a little bit children are happy and healthy.  My husband and I do NOT argue in front of the children and we support eachothers decisions.  If one of us feels the other is out of line, we will talk about it in another room.  They both have to realize that as parents, we provide a united front.  If we decide that a situation needs to be handled differently, then we approach them together and let them know that we've talked and things are going to be a little different than what we originally said.  I grew up in a house where my parents didn't argue in front of me even one time.  He grew up in a house where yelling was norm.  Neither one of us wants that for our children so we don't yell in front of them.  They are in no way verbally abused or neglected.  I get frustrated with him and need an outlet so this is my outlet.  99% of the time we get along great.  50% of the time I'm concerned about his diabetes and his health.  But 100% of the time he treats our girls like any other wonderful dad does.  Yes, it's too bad that they have to understand some facts about diabetes.  They also have to understand certain facts about asthma (because of me), their biological father is an ex alcoholic who is (supposedly) trying to quit drinking.  They have a depressed cousin, their best friends father is locked up in jail.  Unfortunately the world we live in is full of things that children at a young age have to deal with and encounter and learn about.  I know that a few of you reading my blog are worried about my girls, but please know that they are being well taken care of.  They are happy and treated great.  I will do anything I have to in order to protect them, but really they are ok.  I'm not upset about any comments, I just want it understood that they are not put in the middle of some horrible situation where I feel there is no way out.  I'm in a good marriage.  We are happy.  We both make the girls our world.  He just frustrates me sometimes.

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