Saturday, July 2, 2011


I'm trying to work on a meal plan for my family.  We could all stand to eat healthier and I know that this is what will really help out with diabetes. So, I'm looking everywhere onlinefor 'menu plans'.  I'm not a very creative cook and dinners can get awful boring when I make the same foods the same way over and over again! lol

Moving husband apologized for making me worry about him when he spent so much time in ICU in the beginning of our marriage.  He never truly understood how I felt and how terrifying the thought of losing him was.  He didn't see himself as bad off as we all knew he was and he felt that regardless, the girls and I would be better off if he wasn't in our lives.  Yes, he said he was sorry.  But did he truly apologize and mean it?  No.  Not until recently.  The reason?  I was put in the hospital.  I was daignosed with asthma when I was 12.  It's simply a fact of life.  I have an inhalor and a nebulizer.  I use them when I need them.  If the inhalor doesn't work the nebulizer does every time.  Except for last time.  I had been sick over one weekend.  Started on Saturday and quickly progressed. By Tuesday I was struggling breathing, but the nebulizer was helping.  Tuesday night is when it stopped helping.  Oh, it would help for about 15 minutes.  But then I would have to do another breathing treament.  I slept downstairs so I could continually use this loud machine without waking up my husband.  The next morning he left for work and I got the girls up for school.  (And let me tell you, taking that trip upstairs was the worst!)  Anyways, I drove them to school, came home, and called my doctor.  They told me to go in at 10 (about 2 hours later).  I should have told them what was going on, but I just waited.  Called hubby and told him I was going to the doctor, which worried him because I never go.  When my doctor checked my O2 levels, they were in the 80's.  86 or 87 maybe?  He was not happy and sent me to the hospital.  I tried to argue with him.  I did have a family after all.  A husband, and children who need me!  But he wouldn't listen.  Wouldn't even let me drive for fear of me passing out.  At least he let my mother-in-law drive me and didn't call the ambulance.  They didn't put me in ICU becasue they didn't have any empty beds.  But they talked a lot about putting me on a ventilator.  I was out of breath from talking. I think 83 was the lowest my oxygen levels were.  Who knew it was such hard work to breath!  So, what was wrong with me?  Severe asthma attack, bronchitis, pneumonia, and a partially collapsed lung.  I was there for almost a week constantly surrounded by doctors and nurses, every time my oxygen monitor started beeping I had an army running in my was a long week.  Asthma can take a turn FAST.  I scared him because he thought he was going to lose me.  Is that what it will take for him to start taking care of himself?  I've never had an issue like this before, and it literally happened overnight. it happened because I got sick.  But his is because of years of noncompliance.  I can only pray that after seeing me in there, after the fear of not knowing what was happening with me and not knowing how long it would take me to regain my strength, maybe that will kick his butt into gear.  Maybe this is what it is going to take for him to take care of himself.  He was genuine when he apologized.  He actually understood, for once, my fears.  I'll let you know if it helps!!!   :)


  1. My oldest son is a severe asthmatic, so I truly understand what you go through. Scary thing when you can't breathe, but you certainly had a ton of complications going on. Ventilator would not be good. Happy to hear you are home again. Perhaps if he realizes that stress is a huge asthma trigger, he will do better. OK, we can always hope!

  2. Wow! What an awful scare! O2 levels in the low 80's are NOT good! (My oldest daughter used to be a paramedic and is now a nurse; that's how I learned about that stuff.)

    It's hard enough to have a husband with health issues, but when you have your own as well, that certainly doesn't help.

    I understand about menu-planning. I'm a grandmother and I'm still not much good at it. I don't like menu-planning, grocery shopping, and especially loathe cooking. On top of that, my dietary needs are somewhat different than DH's, and I have to plan for both of us. I am so grateful that we are empty-nesters now. I don't know how I would deal with feeding kids and ourselves too!

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