Saturday, July 21, 2012

will it last?

DH is eating pretty healthy and he has started walking in the evenings. :-D  I really hope this lasts!  It hasn't in the past, but maybe this time it will?  Guess we'll see! I'm excited for this recent change. Maybe if he's actively doing something, he wont be so unhappy? I'm thinking that he will feel better about himself, which in turn will just put him in a better mood all together. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers!!!!

Anyways, I do have a personal question for some of you wives, but I'm not sure I want to put it on my blog.  I'll make an attempt, without going into detail.  Our romance has slowly been dwindling, and I know that this is in direct relation to his health. It's frustrating for both of us, for obvious reasons.  He's 29, diagnosed 7 years ago and has never really taken care of himself for any length of  time.  If he gets on the ball with his health and actually does what he needs to do, what are the chances this will improve?

Well, guess I gotta get off of here now! :)  He wants to know who I'm chatting with! lol

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  1. Yes indeed he will improve! I've heard that the body itself seeks to help us along by healing itself regularly. And eating right and exercising are the very tools that will help it to help us. Which in turn will improve all aspects of ones health. Even sexual health. Good luck and God bless! It's good to hear he's trying to do better.