Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dinner and Migraines

Tonight's dinner:meatball subs.  Well, for me.  For DH, he will have meatballs without a sub roll.  Along with a salad and cottage cheese.  Maybe some fruit?  Where does this meal fall on the scale of diabetes friendly?  I'm not sure any more.  The more I research the less I know. lol But it's low carb and not sugar filled so we should be good! :)  As long as DH doesn't decide he has the munchies while I'm off at church with the kids, that is. 

Hubby came home from work yesterday vomiting.  This is always scary for me (as well as the children) because this seems to be one of his major symptoms for ketoacidosis.  He told me it was migraine related, so I just kept a watch on him.  What else can I do?  He wasn't vomiting blood, so no ER trip for us.  Instead he just slept until 9:30 in the evening, woke up and took his meds, ate a little and showered and stayed up talking with me.  No more vomiting...yay! By this morning he was his normal self.  I get migraines and know how big of a painful they are, but I'm just so happy he had a migraine! I suppose most people would think of me as heartless for being so happy that he had a migraine yesterday, but it sure beats the alternative!!


  1. You are not heartless!
    I can't imagine migraines on top of diabetes!
    when Tom vomits I worry a lot
    he doesn't eat and doesn't take insulin
    his glucose counts get so out of whack
    it is such a challenge

    I'm sorry it is so difficult for you
    Good luck!

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